Boost Your Internet Speeds with These 10 Easy Hacks

Experiencing slow internet is not only frustrating, but it also can lead to decreased productivity. Especially if you are telecommuting. During the pandemic, people across the globe heavily relied on the internet for education, official work, entertainment, and so much more. With multiple users in every household, all stuck at home, the bandwidth was consumed by multiple devices simultaneously. Most of us are again working from home. Thanks to the never-stopping COVID-19 variants!

So, because of this high usage, before you decide to switch your ISP or speed tier, try the following tips to enhance your internet speed. You can hold off calling the Spectrum number because one of these tips is going to work for you for sure!

Boost Your Internet Speeds with These 10 Handy Hacks

- Reset Your Router

- Data Cap Issues

- Consider Repositioning Your Router

- Switch to Ethernet

- Install Strong Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Programs

- Clear Cache

- Ensure Using a Streamlined Browser

- Consider Blocking the Ads

- Negotiate with Your ISP

- Switch to a Different Provider

Reset Your Router

Your router needs a break once in a while. Restart your internet router once a month to refresh your internet connection. This hack usually works when you are experiencing speed issues. A refreshed router streamlines the speed and you get to consume strong bandwidth.

The frequency is not fixed. You can even restart it every day if it works for you. Additionally, if you have a separate modem and router, consider restarting both of them to enjoy refreshed speeds. It’s all about stimulating your internet connection. Take advantage of this super easy fix.

Data Cap Issues

If you have subscribed to an internet plan with a data cap, you will experience slow internet speeds and speed throttling. Many ISPs vaguely advertise their data caps but they do impose them. And once you hit your data limit, you are likely to experience restricted speeds. In that case, trying the other tips on our list won’t help.

Considering switching to a plan with no data volume restrictions. Or, check your previous bills to figure out whether you are hitting your data limit every month. If yes, and you are satisfied with the services of your ISP otherwise, talk to them to increase your data limit.

Consider Repositioning Your Router

Sometimes it is as simple as replacing your router! If you have kept your router in some unapproachable corner of the house, you need to move it to a more central location. Keeping your router in a remote corner can mess up the Wi-Fi signals. And if you are getting optimal signals on your devices, you will experience messy internet speed.

The most optimal place for your router to ensure maximum signal strength is the center of your house. Additionally, consider keeping it on the same floor you hang out the most.

Switch to Ethernet

Yes, Wi-Fi is great, easily accessible, convenient, and so on! But, compared to Ethernet, it’s not very fast. Ethernet is always more reliable, securer, faster, and lag-free because the signal is received directly instead of over-the-air transmissions. Moreover, connecting Ethernet with devices, which you use to download or watch data-heavy media is wise. For instance, TV, gaming consoles, and so on.

If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to have a dedicated connection for your intense gaming sessions with unshared bandwidth, go for Ethernet!

Install Strong Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Programs

It is highly recommended to install antivirus software and malware-scanning programs on your devices. Not only do they keep your devices safe, but they also prevent viruses and malware from eating your bandwidth.

Moreover, turn automatic updates and regular scanning on to keep these malicious viruses at bay.

Clear Cache

Cache refers to the snippets of info that your browser collects about you while you visit various websites and add info there. Mostly, the cache is in the form of cookies. This cache is then used by marketers to send you ads based on your online behaviors, searches, and interests. You must have seen similar ads follow you here and there while you are online.

Get rid of these ads by clearing your browser’s cache. You can do so effortlessly by installing a plugin. Also, clear cache frequently to keep these unwanted ads at bay.

Ensure Using a Streamlined Browser

Most users keep multiple tabs open in their browsers. This practice can affect internet speeds. Therefore, consider using a streamlined browser because it streamlines the data on various web pages. This will ensure a smooth and fast browsing experience.

Consider Blocking the Ads

As mentioned earlier, every online platform and website is flooded with advertisements. These ads appear in the form of pictures, auto-played videos, GIFs, and so on. These ads can slow down your internet speeds. So, to ensure optimized speeds, the best practice is to block these ads. You will need an ad-blocking plugin to block these bandwidth-eating ads and heavy videos.

Negotiate with Your ISP

If none of the above-mentioned tips work and you have multiple internet users in the house, consider negotiating with your ISP. Your ISP offers an array of plans with different speed tiers. Therefore, read about their other plans and switch to a different one that fulfills your connectivity needs.

Switch to a Different Provider

If you still experience slow speeds even after you switch to a higher speed tier, unfortunately, your last resort is to switch your ISP. Therefore, the solution is to switch to a different ISP. Make sure this time that you thoroughly research all the available ISPs and their plans in your area. Compare the prices and offered features to make a well-informed decision.

Good luck!




Morkiz Designs is a leading Digital Marketing Agency and Website Deisgning Company based in Delhi.

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Morkiz Designs

Morkiz Designs

Morkiz Designs is a leading Digital Marketing Agency and Website Deisgning Company based in Delhi.

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